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Authentic Presence Immersion – Retreat and Integration Training 2020


An 8-day retreat with a 10-week integration period supported by the faculty.  This program can be taken as a stand alone course or as part of the Certificate in Contemplative End-of-Life Care Program.

Authentic Presence Immersion offers you the skills in the art of being authentically and compassionately present for seriously ill and dying patients.  Far more than an academic training, the retreat and guided integration period offers you the unique opportunity to experience and immerse yourself in the principles and practices of contemplative care, and to connect with your sources of joy, purpose, well-being, and wholeness, while expanding your professional skills and knowledge in serving the dying.

The retreat is experiential, and will use a variety of learning modalities, including individual, group and interactive work, as well as lectures. The integration period will focus on integration and offer personal mentoring by an experienced international faculty of health care professionals and educators. During the integration period, participants will be supported through bi-monthly webinars to deepen their learning, continue their education and build community. Participants will also have the chance to design an integration project. Most students would spend 1 to 1-1/2 hours on the course each week during the integration period.


Contemplative practice & Contemplative care
  • The contemplative approach to end-of-life care

  • The integration of contemplative methodologies to cultivate greater compassion and wisdom
  • Reflections on impermanence and death
  • Self-care for caregivers: recognizing burnout, and contemplative practices for building resilience and cultivating self-compassion
  • Deepening genuine compassion to improve therapeutic relationships
  • How to create a peaceful environment in different settings
  • Caregiving as spiritual practice
Training in contemplative listening and communication
  • Extensive training in the methods for ‘Contemplative Listening and Communication’ and their practical applications
  • ‘Council’ - a model for family and bereavement support, and team meetings
Assessing and responding to the needs of the dying
  • The practical, psycho-social and spiritual needs
  • Responding to complex care situations
  • Pediatric palliative care
  • Healing relationships and methods for resolving unfinished business
  • Addressing the deeper dimensions of life and death
  • Recognizing and addressing spiritual pain
  • Preparing for death
  • Supporting those not affiliated with a faith tradition
  • The process of bereavement and the spiritual dimension of bereavement