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Online Courses

Our distance learning courses are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals regardless of your world location or time zone.

Whether you are new to contemplative practice, or are a seasoned practitioner and have attended our face-to-face trainings, the online course program provides you with ongoing facilitator support and easy step-by-step guidance, as well as a wealth of resources to bring into your care for those who are seriously ill and dying.

How Our Online Courses Work

We have a support staff that will help answer any questions you may have or assist you with course registration. Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • You will receive a confirmation email upon registration
  • You will receive instructions for the online learning platform approximately one week prior to the course start date so that you may become familiar with using the platform
  • If you register late, you will receive instructions within a day or two

Our classes are facilitated by experienced instructors in the contemplative practices and end-of-life care. Your instructor will welcome you to the course just prior to the start of the course, will interact with you weekly during the course and be available for questions.

Course Structure

Since our students herald from around the world, you can access the units at times that are convenient for your time zone and schedule.  We do encourage keeping up with each unit as you move through the 8 week course period. This facilitates maximum interaction with other students and the instructor.

Each weekly unit will be open for learning on Tuesday morning at 8 am US EST. You do not have to be online at any specific time; rather, you can watch, listen, reflect, post and discuss insights with instructors and fellow students at any time during the week. It is recommended that you review the short talk and guided daily practice early in each week so that there is time for reflection before responding to the discussion questions.

Participants typically spend 1.5 – 3  hours per week in the study and discussion of materials in each unit. To take full advantage of the contemplative self-care practices that are being presented, participants are encouraged to set aside an additional 15 – 20 minutes per day for their own personal meditation and reflection. Professionals seeking continuing education credits (valid in the USA) are expected to participate in the weekly discussions and quizzes.

Each week features:

  • an inspirational lecture
  • instructor-facilitated discussions
  • guided meditations to support and deepen personal practice at home
  • readings and resources
  • a virtual “Tea Break” to further connect through discussion and network
  • a weekly quiz: optional unless applying for professional continuing education credits – however, a good self-measure, if you are so inclined

Certificate Program: Authentic Presence

Our certificate course, Authentic Presence – A Certificate in Contemplative End-of-Life Care offers a new dimension in whole patient care, namely awareness of the effect of the state of mind of the care-provider. It embraces the deeper aspects of the human experience of both the patient or client and the care-provider.

Each course in the certificate program offers professional caregivers effective tools to discover their own inner resources for well-being and wholeness. These insightful building blocks assist in creating a strong foundation to accompany patients and clients through critical and painful times.

Cultivating Compassionate Presence – 8 week online module 
Mindfulness and Awareness in End-of-Life Care – 8 week online module
Authentic Presence - Immersion and Integration Program – 8 day residential retreat, followed by 10 weeks of web-based group calls to facilitate integration

Each of these modules can be taken individually or all three completed for a Certificate in Contemplative End-of-Life Care for Healthcare Professionals.  http://www.spcare.org/en/ceolc/main

Course Logistics