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Deep Listening – Ireland

Deep Listening

With Rosamund Oliver

Deep Listening is a complete practical training using the transformational method of Awareness Centred Deep Listening Training designed by Rosamund Oliver, which harnesses the life-changing potential of bringing simple awareness to listening.

Participants will find that this course complements their existing communication skills as they personally experience the ability of the natural listening mind to hold a safe listening container.

Participants gain information about their own way of listening through a variety of interactive situations designed to reflect what is truly happening in listening. This approach is suitable for communicating with people from all walks of life and with all types of team working. Appreciating our different ways of communication is central to this work.

Topics covered during the course

Deep Listening Training is designed to deepen participant’s capacity for listening at all levels of communication in work or clinical situations using specific practical tools. The following areas are addressed:

  • Confidence in utilizing deep listening awareness skills for communication.
  • Developing presence when listening
  • Extending awareness of what arises in the listening encounter, both spoken and unspoken.
  • Applying evidence based contemplative practices to support effective communication.
  • Generating compassionate, embodied listening to build greater resilience for the listener, with less exhaustion and burnout.
  • Enhanced ways of self-reflective listening, as part of self-discovery and self-supervision.
  • Integration of this method back into work and life
Training Methods used
  • Experiential and interactive sessions
  • Guided reflections and contemplations
  • A variety of specially designed listening exercises.
  • Short topical presentations with time for questions and discussion.
  • Practical ways of integrating methods in listening situations.
  • Interactive group work with both large and small groups.
  • Journaling. Time for self-reflection, integration and personal work.

“Thank you sincerely. This was the most helpful course I have ever done — twice!”
— Deborah, Therapist, Ireland

For whom?

As basic listening skills are not covered, this course is designed for people who already have experience of using listening as an essential part of their work or life activity. This is an experiential training and numbers are limited. Places are in high demand so immediate booking is advised.