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Facing Loss, Healing Grief

Blooms in sunshine

With Bernie Jeffreys and John Douglas

Suitable for those who are personally experiencing bereavement.


  • Exploring our relationship with our grief
  • Identifying things that make it harder to mourn our loss
  • Healing Unfinished Business
  • Small Group Sharing
  • Larger Group Support
  • Guided meditations
  • Creative expression including writing
  • Time for rest, gentle movement and enjoying nature

Grief is a natural response to the ongoing loss we experience when someone close to us dies. In this retreat, using meditation and reflections, we will explore ways to be with our sorrow and to understand change and impermanence.

The shock of separation and bereavement is often accompanied by feelings of intense sadness, distress or anger. Although we will never forget, we can heal the pain of grief.

This workshop is not recommended for those whose loss is less than three months old or for anyone who might be pregnant.

‘Facing Loss, Healing Grief’ is a regular and well-attended feature of our programme. Places are restricted, so please book early.

You can sit on a chair or on a zafu cushion on the floor, wherever you are comfortable. None of the sessions involve difficult postures or complicated techniques.