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Present Through the End

Present through the end

Accompanying a family member or friend at the end of their lives
with Kirsten DeLeo


  • How to hold space for another
  • How to be when we don’t know to say or do
  • How to address common fears and concerns
  • How to respond to the needs of the dying and support them to discover their inner resources of strength and meaning
  • How to deepen compassion to attend to our sadness of loss and stress of caregiving
  • How to say good-bye, create a sacred environment and offer spiritual support at the moment of death and beyond

It takes sensitivity, courage and kindness to accompany someone who is nearing death.

It takes courage to lower our defenses and to meet the other where they are at – while being aware of, yet not overwhelmed by our own fears, sadness, insecurities or feelings of unease. In this experiential workshop, you will learn practical ways to support dying people. Weaving together the knowledge of hospice and palliative care, the sacred wisdom of the Buddhist tradition and hands-on experience, Kirsten DeLeo offers compassionate guidance that will support you to stay present in the face of suffering and respond to the dying person’ needs.