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Who Should Apply

Professionals working in the fields of medicine, human and social services, and students and trained volunteers who are currently serving the seriously ill or dying and engaged in a clinical setting, whether new to contemplative practice or experienced, are encouraged to apply.

The certificate program offers an integrated approach for professionals from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

CEOLC 2013 class group photo by lucy lambriex

I also really appreciated the respect there was for traditions other than Buddhism and heard the invitation to examine the riches of the Christian tradition. I feel very comfortable with integrating some of the treasures that Buddhism has to offer for the compassionate care of the dying and bereaved.
~ Sister Brigid Murphy, Hospice Chaplain, graduate


The Contemplative End of Life Program has profoundly changed my life. I feel a greater sense of confidence and enthusiasm in bringing all I have learned about compassionate presence and support to dying patients and their families. I have also discovered that these teachings are beginning to transform my own personal relationships, bringing to them a renewed sense of loving kindness and unconditional love. The teachers bring a wealth of experience and depth to the program that covers every aspect of loving hospice care.
~ Bonnie Wisnewski, Gerantologist and hospice volunteer, NY



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