Celebrating over 20 years of changing the way we care
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Christine Longaker, International Trainer and co-founder of the Spiritual Care Programme.
Former director and staff trainer of the Hospice of Santa Cruz County in California, Christine has provided hospice training internationally since 1978. She is the author of Facing Death and Finding Hope: A Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care of the Dying, which is translated into nine languages.



Kirsten DeLeo, International Trainer

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in accompanying the dying, Kirsten leads seminars and retreats for healthcare professionals and the public around the world. Kirsten has served as a hospice and nursing home volunteer co-ordinator and spiritual counselor and has been a pioneer in the development of online learning for caregivers. She currently works as staff supervisor at the Sukhavati Center for Spiritual Care/ Germany and is on the faculty of “Authentic Presence Contemplative End-of-Life Care”, a US-based certificate program launched at Naropa University in 2003. Kirsten is trained in the Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic approach to psychotherapy and has been immersed in contemplative practice and study for many years including attending a three-year meditation retreat. Kirsten is a passionate writer and has published numerous articles on the contemplative approach to care.



Rosamund Oliver, BA, Dip Psych, ECP, International Trainer

Rosamund Oliver qualified as registered psychotherapist and supervisor in 1996 and trained psychotherapists for five years at the Karuna Institute in Devon. As a UKCP psychotherapist and supervisor, she had a large practice for private clients in North London for many years. She also worked in psychiatric care focusing on bereavement with the elderly.

Her education work includes tutoring at St Josephs Hospice, teaching meditation and mindfulness skills, creating a prison meditation project and three years developing the first Buddhist-based psychotherapy training in South Africa.

She has done extensive training in meditation since the 1970’s with various teachers and schools.



Dr Ann Allegre MD, FACP, FAAHPM, clinical associate professor of medicine for the University of Kansas School of Medicine, recently retired after a 28-year career in hospice and palliative medicine. She is a senior educator for the Spiritual Care Education Program.

She was awarded the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Project on Death in America Community Leadership in Palliative Care Award in 2007 in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the advancement of the field of palliative medicine through the education and training of future leaders.

She was named as Fellow of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine in 2008, and honored with the Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon 2011 Award in the senior palliative care physician category.

Ann is on the faculty of Spiritual Care's Authentic Presence: Contemplative End-of-Life Care Certificate Program.



Alexandra Yuille, B. Arts. CCPE (Advanced) After a successful career as a business leader, Alexandra completed her Advanced Certificate with the NSW College of Pastoral Education in 2002. She has worked as a Pastoral Carer at both St Vincents and Royal North Shore Hospitals in Sydney. From 2006 to 2009 Alexandra trained in the study and practice of authentic Buddhist teachings on meditation, mind, compassion and wisdom at the Institute of Wisdom and Compassion in France.



Pam Russell, LMSW

Pam is currently a hospice social worker for The Community Hospice of Saratoga and Montgomery County of upstate NY. Pam supports patients and families living with terminal illness and facilitates bereavement support groups for parents and children. Pam serves as senior educator with the Spiritual Care Program and as faculty member for “Authentic Presence – A Certificate Program for Contemplative End of Life Care”. Pam has developed and led contemplative educational trainings and retreats for both public and healthcare audiences based on her 30 years of meditation practice. She brings her past experience as an activities and volunteer director for long term care facilities and work with the American Cancer Society to benefit people facing chronic illness and dementia, and their family and professional caregivers.

She has led numerous trainings and workshops since the 90’s.



Kirsten DeLeo, MA ist Meditationskursleiterin, Hakomi-Therapeutin, internationale Trainerin im Spiritual Care­ Fortbildungsprogramm und für das Sukhavati­ Zentrum für Spiritual Care in Bad Saarow. Seit 2003 ist sie Dozentin für Kontemplative Sterbebegleitung, ein Zertifikatskurs, den Spiritual Care in Zusammenarbeit mit der Naropa­Universität (USA) entwickelt hat.



Dr. med. Almut Göppert, Fachärztin für Strahlentherapie und Palliativmedizinerin, Projektleiterin von Sukhavati – Spiritual Care Center Bad Saarow, seit 1999 Kursleiterin im Spiritual Care Fortbildungsprogramm.



Angela Bork-Krahmer, Pädagogin, Hospizhelferin, langjährige Kursleiterin im Spiritual Care Fortbildungsprogramm.



Jens Pingel ist Facharzt für Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie in eigener Praxis seit 18 Jahren. Ausbildungen und langjährige Erfahrung in tiefenpsychologischer Therapie, Gestalttherapie, Traumatherapie und erfahrener Kursleiter im Spiritual Care Fortbildungsprogramm.



Maren Repenning ist Pädagogin, selbständige Bestatterin in Hamburg, Referentin zum Thema Sterben, Tod und spiritueller Begleitung, langjährige Tätigkeit in der ambulanten Pflege, und erfahrene Kursleiterin im Spiritual Care Fortbildungsprogramm.



Beate Dirkschnieder, Dipl.-Päd., seit 16 Jahren hauptberuflich in einem stationären Hospiz tätig, umfangreiche Weiterbildungen im Bereich der Begleitung und Beratung von Trauernden und Hinterbliebenen, ethische Beraterin im Gesundheitsbereich, Lehrbeauftragte an der FH Bielefeld, Dozentin im Bereich Palliativ Care, und Kursleiterin im Spiritual Care Fortbildungspramm.



John Douglas is a Senior Meditation Instructor and has been presenting courses and retreats on Meditation and Loving-Kindness since the mid-nineties. He is an Educator in the Spiritual Care Programme and a regular facilitator of workshops such as "Facing Loss and Healing Grief", "Courageous Journey" and "Healing Relationships" as well as professional programmes such as "Deep Listening" and "Compassion and Presence". John is also part of the care team meeting guests at Care Centre in Dzogchen Beara.



Bernie Jeffrey is an accredited member of The Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy who works in private practice and with individuals and groups through the work of The Social and Health Education Project. Her background is in nursing and midwifery. She also trained in Therapeutic Massage. Shas co-facilitates Meditation courses in Cork and is an Educator in the Spiritual Care Programme. She is also a founder member of Educate Together National School in Cork.



Margaret Tatham BA (Mod Hist), MA, MRCP. Margaret worked in hospital medicine as a doctor for 8 years and then spent 20 years as a GP in London. Before studying medicine, she also taught in a secondary school for 5 years. Now retired, she continues to present professional seminars and training programmes for the Spiritual Care Programme as an Educator, including presenting at the recent international Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference in London. She was born in Canada, coming to the UK in 1970. She has been studying and practising Buddhism for 20 years.



Roger Green is a member of the Spiritual Care Programme team in the UK facilitating a variety of seminars and study groups for professional carers and trained volunteers. Since 2000 he has been a volunteer in Salisbury Hospice, where he is also part of the Bereavement Support Team. He is also a helpline volunteer for Prostate Cancer Support. He is a member of the Buddhist Healthcare Chaplaincy Group, supporting the development of national guidelines and support for Buddhists within multi-faith healthcare chaplaincy for many years.



Dr. med. Ursula Aufdenblatten, Fachärztin für Innere Medizin, Rheumatologie und Homöopathie mit eigener Praxis in Zürich.
Sie ist Kursleiterin im Spiritual Care Fortbildungsprogramm in der Schweiz und in Deutschland.



Marie Louise Hörler, Begleitung und Beratung von Kranken und Sterbenden, Beratung von Angehörigen.
Sie engagiert sich seit Jahren im Spiritual Care Fortbildungsprogramm und ist Kursleiterin in Zürich und Deutschland.



Edith Bugmann, Logopädin
Sie ist seit vielen Jahren Kursleiterin des Studienkurses „Spirituelle Begleitung von Kranken und Sterbenden“ in Zürich. Sie assistiert in Seminaren von Christine Longaker, der Autorin von „Dem Tod begegnen und Hoffnung finden.“



Annie Birken is a music therapist and Senior Educator with the Spiritual Care Programme. She has been active for Spiritual Care since 2001 and has received training in meditation and compassion practices over the past 15 years. She now co-ordinates the programme in the Netherlands and also works as a palliative care volunteer in Amsterdam.